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  • How many electrical continuing education hours do I need to renew my electrical license in Iowa?
    • 18 CE hours, 6 of which must be directly related to the content of the National Electrical Code.
  • Can electrical classes conducted by NCC be approved for electrical continuing ed hours?
    • Yes, NCC has an approved instructor for the State of Iowa and you can get electrically related courses approved for electrical continuing ed hours.
  • Our company has 3 shifts of maintenance personnel and Saturday is the only time we can get them all together for a training session. Is it possible to schedule training on Saturdays?
    • Yes. The Business & Industry Center is willing to conduct classes any time of day, including evenings and weekends - whatever time frame works best for our training partners.
  • What are some of the requirements our company should be aware of to protect our electrical maintenance personnel from the hazards of electrical shock and arc flash?
    • NFPA 70E, the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace has information for PPE to protect against electrical shock and arc flash. We can provide training sessions about this information and also conduct periodic up-to-date classes to keep employees informed of the hazards of electricity.
  • Where do I get information about the new Iowa electrical licensing requirements for electricians?
  • I have been laid off from my job as a welder. I am wanting to get welding certifications for specific kinds of welding procedures as this will be beneficial for me as I look for another job.  Do you offer this at NCC?
    • Yes, our welding instructor is AWS qualified to perform certification testing. The Business & Industry Center can set up one-on-one training sessions for individuals, with instruction on the particular weld certification they desire, and allow time at the end of the session for a certification attempt. The instructor will be able to cut, bend and evaluate the test weld immediately after the attempt has been completed by the participant.