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Senior Fitness

8 WEEK GROUP FITNESS SESSION • December 28 - February 21

Senior Fitness — LLRC East 
M and/or F 2:00PM
Designed to build bone strength and reduce the risk of falls by improving strength, posture, balance and flexibility. The exercises in this class are proven safe and effective for the aging population. Senior Fitness involves functional strength training and light, low impact cardio to boost your energy and maintain independence.

*Classes will be held at the LLRC–East

Contact Us:
(712) 324-2493 or (800) 352-4907
Email: Click HERE

Note: We need you to pre-register for group fitness classes – we require a minimum of five registrants to run a class, and we check our registration numbers two days before the start of the class. For example, we have Water Aerobics starting on a Monday night so we would check to see if we have five registrants on Friday.  Must be a minimum of 13 years old to participate.