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Personal Trainer Services

Ready to train? Fill out our Personal Training Registration Form now!

Why have a personal trainer?
  • A customized workout planned out just for you, your goals, and your needs!
  • A trainer that will walk you through your entire workout and be focused on you the entire time
  • One-on-one motivation and accountability.
  • A workout that focuses on all components of fitness – improving cardio, strengthening, weight management, etc.
  • Help setting measurable goals
  • Body fat measurements to show you just how far you’ve come!
  • A trainer to teach you proper form and technique
  • In depth instruction on how to use the equipment in the LLRC
  • A trainer with extensive training and education in the fitness field
  • Positive, personalized encouragement
  • Nutrition/healthy eating tips

Personal Training Options: 
3 Sessions 
    Member: $70/Non-member: $100
6 Sessions: 
    Member: $126/Non-member: $180
12 Sessions: 
    Member: $216/Non-member: $324

NCC Student Personal Training* 
    3 sessions—$50 
    6 sessions—$95 
    12 sessions—$185
*Students taking class on-campus at NCC

Kettlebell Personal Training Sessions:
Kettlebell training is a challenging fitness program that involves the entire body and focuses on muscle endurance, power, and dynamic movements. Work one-on-one with a certified Russian Kettlebells trainer to set up your kettlebell workout.
3 Sessions: 
    Member: $98/Non-member: $128
6 Sessions: 
    Member: $195/Non-member: $256

NCC Student Kettlebells* 
    3 sessions—$90 
    6 sessions—$180

*Students taking class on-campus at NCC

Body Composition Testing:
Having your body composition tested is a great way to see where you’re starting, gauge your workout progress, and see results beyond the scale. Our body composition will tell you how much body fat you have, how much lean mass you have, and give you a great measurement tool to track your fitness journey. By appointment only. Please call 712-324-5066 or email to schedule your appointment.

Member: $5/Non-member $10