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March 31
Sheldon Marching Band Rehearsal
March 31
Men’s Soccer League
April 7
No Classes (8th Grade Career Day)
April 7
8th Grade Career Day

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Stop by the LLRC during any of the following dates/times to meet with our personal trainers. Ask them workout questions, learn more about them, and get ideas for your exercise routine!

• Monday, Aug. 18th 1-4 PM with Alex Price
• Tuesday, Aug. 19th 9 AM-1 PM with Josh Nollmeyer
• Friday, Aug. 22nd 9 AM-1 PM with John Benz
• Wednesday, Aug. 27th 1-5 PM with John Benz
• Friday, Aug. 29th 5-9 AM with Josh Nollmeyer
• Saturday, Aug. 30th 5-8 AM with Alex Price