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Upcoming Events
December 8
Adult Men's Basketball League
December 9
Sheldon Christian Middle School Basketball Tournament
December 10
Youth Basketball Program
December 10
Sheldon Christian Middle School Girls’ Basketball Tournament 

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Stop by the LLRC during any of the following dates/times to meet with our personal trainers. Ask them workout questions, learn more about them, and get ideas for your exercise routine!

• Monday, Aug. 18th 1-4 PM with Alex Price
• Tuesday, Aug. 19th 9 AM-1 PM with Josh Nollmeyer
• Friday, Aug. 22nd 9 AM-1 PM with John Benz
• Wednesday, Aug. 27th 1-5 PM with John Benz
• Friday, Aug. 29th 5-9 AM with Josh Nollmeyer
• Saturday, Aug. 30th 5-8 AM with Alex Price