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Indoor Cycling

8 WEEK GROUP FITNESS SESSION • October 26 - December 20

Indoor Cycling — LLRC 

M 5:30AM • T 4:30PM • W 5:30AM • W 5:30PM • Th 4:30PM
• F 5:30AM • SAT 9:30AM
Try one of the top-rated group fitness classes—Indoor Cycling! Ride your way through a great cardio workout on indoor cycling bikes with an experienced instructor. Only 10 bikes available, so sign up NOW!

Half Hour Cycling - LLRC
Ride your way through a great cardio workout in just a half hour on our indoor cycling bikes with our experienced instructor. Please note tthat this is a half hour class over your lunch break!

*All classes will be held in the LLRC Aerobic Classroom

We need you to pre-register for group fitness classes – we require a minimum of five registrants to run a class, and we check our registration numbers two days before the start of the class. For example, we have Water Aerobics starting on a Monday night so we would check to see if we have five registrants on Friday.