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December 10
Youth Basketball Program
December 10
Sheldon Christian Middle School Girls’ Basketball Tournament 
December 12
Youth Basketball Program
December 15
Adult Men's Basketball League
Tuesday April 22, 2014 - Boot Camp
LLRC Aerobics Room
Boot Camp

T and/or TH 5:30 AM


Use weights, bands, bars, TRX and more to whip your body into its greatest shape. Let us help you spend 2 days a week working towards a stronger you!

April 20 thru June 14, 2014 Registration opens March 31, 2014

Note: We need you to pre-register for group fitness classes – we require a minimum of 4 registrants to run a class, and we check our registration numbers 2 days before the start of the class. For example, we have Water Aerobics starting on a Monday night so we would check to see if we have four registrants on Friday.