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High School Visit Schedule

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School/College Fair
City Date Time

Adrian High School Adrian, MN November 9th 11:45 AM Morgan
Akron-Westfield High School Akron, IA October 7th 1:30 PM Morgan
Algona High School Algona, IA September 30th 1:00 PM Brandon
Alta-Aurelia High School Alta, IA  November 23rd 9:00 AM Lisa
Atlantic High School Atlantic, IA October 13th 2:30 PM Morgan
Atlantic High School Fair Atlantic, IA September 22nd 2:00 PM Morgan
Augustana College Fair Sioux Falls, SD September 30th 8:00 AM Morgan

Battle Creek- Ida Grove High School Ida Grove, IA October 28th 11:30 AM Morgan
BCLUW High School Conrad, IA October 27th 2:00 PM Brandon
Beaver-Creek High School Beaver-Creek, MN September 30th 2:15 PM Morgan
Bishop Garrigan High School Algona, IA September 30th 12:00 PM Brandon
Boyden-Hull High School Hull, IA September 29th 1:00 PM Lisa
Boyer Valley High School Dunlap, IA November 30th 9:55 AM Morgan
Brooklyn Guernesy Malcom Brooklyn, IA October 27th 10:40 AM Brandon

Calamus Wheatland High School Wheatland, IA October 26th 1:00 PM Brandon
Carroll High School Carroll, IA October 2nd 11:00 AM Lisa
Cedar Falls High School Cedar Falls, IA September 29th 1:15 PM Brandon
Central City High School Central City, IA November 4th 9:00 AM Brandon
Central Lyon High School Rock Rapids, IA November 10th 10:00 AM Lisa
Charles City High School Charles, IA November 2nd 10:00 AM Brandon
Charter Oak High School Charter Oak, IA November 30th 9:00 AM Morgan
Clarksville High School Clarksville, IA November 2nd 1:00 PM Brandon
Clay Central Everly High School Everly, IA October 19th 2:30 PM Lisa
Coon Rapids-Bayard High School Coon Rapids, IA September 28th 2:30 PM Lisa
Council Bluffs College Fair Council Bluffs, IA October 14th 1:00 PM Morgan
Crestwood High School Cresco, IA October 7th 9:00 AM Brandon

Davis County High School Bloomfield, IA October 28th 2:30 PM Brandon
Decorah High School Decorah, IA October 7th 10:30 AM Brandon
Denison High School   Denison, IA November 30th 2:15 PM Morgan
Denison High School College Fair Denison, IA September 24th 9:00 AM Morgan
Des Moines-Dowling Catholic College Fair Des Moines, IA September 28th 11:20 AM Lisa
DMACC College Fair Ankeny, IA October 15th 9:30 AM Morgan

East High School Sioux City, IA September 23rd 9:00 AM Morgan
East Sac High School Lake View, IA November 23rd 1:00 PM Lisa
Ellsworth High School Ellsworth, MN October 1st 12:00 PM Morgan
Estherville Lincoln Central High School Estherville, IA November 12th 11:00 AM Lisa

Fairfield High School Fairfield, IA October 29th 8:30 AM Brandon
Fairmont High School College Fair Fairmont, MN October 27th 9:00 AM Morgan
Fort Dodge High School Fort Dodge, IA September 17th 1:30 PM Morgan

Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School Garner, IA October 1st 12:30 PM Brandon
Gehlen Catholic High School Le Mars, IA October 8th 3:00 PM Morgan
George-Little Rock High School George, IA October 21st 2:00 PM Lisa
Glidden-Ralston High School Glidden, IA October 2nd 12:30 PM Lisa
Golden Circle College Fair Des Moines, IA September 27th 12:30 PM Lisa
Graceland University College Fair Lamoni, IA September 21st 1:00 PM Morgan
Gustavus Adolphus College Fair St. Peter, MN October 27th 12:30 PM Morgan

Hampton Dumont High School Hampton, IA November 4th 12:00 PM Brandon
Harris-Lake Park High School Lake Park, IA October 9th 9:00 AM Lisa
Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School Hartley, IA October 19th 1:00 PM Lisa
Hinton High School Hinton, IA October 7th 9:00 AM Morgan
Humboldt High School Humboldt, IA November 4th  2:00 PM Brandon

IKM-Manning High School Manning, IA October 2nd 2:15 PM Lisa
Iowa Central Community College Fair Fort Doge, IA September 30th 9:00 AM Brandon

John F. Kennedy High School Cedar Rapids, IA October 26th 11:40 AM Brandon

Kee High School Lansing, IA October 8th 1:00 PM Brandon
Kingsley-Pierson High School Kingsley, IA October 8th 10:00 AM Morgan
Kirkwood College Fair Cedar Rapids, IA September 16th 9:00 AM Morgan
Kuemper Catholic High School Carroll, IA October 2nd 10:00 AM Lisa

Laurens-Marathon High School Laurens, IA November 10th 10:00 AM Morgan
Lawton-Bronson High School Lawton, IA December 2nd 1:55 PM Morgan
Le Mars High School Le Mars, IA October 6th 9:00 AM Morgan
Le Mars High School College Fair Le Mars, IA October 12th 6:00 PM Morgan
Lewis Central High School Fair Council Bluffs, IA October 14th 5:30 PM Morgan
Luther College Fair Decorah, IA September 14th 6:30 PM Morgan
Luverne High School Luverne, MN September 30th 1:15 PM Morgan
Luverne High School College Fair Luverne, MN October 26th 1:00 PM Morgan

Manson Northwest High School Manson, IA October 29th 1:00 PM Morgan
Maple Valley High School Mapleton, IA December 1st 9:00 AM Morgan
Mapleton High School College Fair Mapleton, IA October 13th 9:00 AM Morgan
Maquoketa Valley High School Delhi, IA November 3rd 1:00 PM Brandon
Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn High School Marcus, IA October 8th 9:00 AM Morgan
Marshalltown Community College Fair Marshalltown, IA September 29th 9:00 AM Brandon
Marshalltown High School Marshalltown, IA October 27th 12:45 AM Brandon
Mason City High School Mason City, IA October 1st 1:50 PM Brandon
MOC-Floyd Valley High School Orange City, IA October 22nd 10:25 AM Lisa
Mount Pleasant  Community High School Mount Pleasant, IA October 29th  9:40 AM Brandon
Muscatine High School  Muscatine, IA October 29th 2:00 PM Brandon

Nashua Plainfield Community Schools Nashua, IA November 2nd 11:30 AM Brandon
National Guard Armory College Fair Shenendoah, IA September 21st 6:30 PM Morgan
National Guard Armory College Fair Shenendoah, IA September 22nd 9:00 AM Morgan
Netherlands Reform High School Rock Valley, IA November 9th 10:00 AM Lisa
New Hampton High School New Hampton, IA October 6th 9:00 AM Brandon
Newell-Fonda High School Newell, IA November 23rd 2:30 PM Lisa
North Cedar Community High School Stanwood, IA October 26th 2:00 PM Brandon
North High School Sioux City, IA September 23rd 10:00 AM Morgan
North Union High School Armstrong, IA November 12th 12:30 PM Lisa
Northwest Iowa Community College Fair Sheldon, IA October 12th 9:30 AM Lisa

Okoboji High School Milford, IA November 11th 9:00 AM Lisa
Onawa High School Onawa, IA December 1st 2:45 PM Morgan
Osage High School  Osage, IA November 2nd 9:00 AM Brandon
Osage High School College Fair Osage, IA October 6th  1:00 PM Brandon
Ottumwa High School Ottumwa, IA October 28th 1:00 PM Brandon

Pipestone High School Pipestone, MN November 9th 10:15 AM Morgan
Pocahontas Area Community School Pocahontas, IA November 10th 9:00 AM Morgan
Postville High School Postville,IA October 8th 9:00 AM Brandon


Remsen Union High School Remsen, IA October 6th 11:00 AM Morgan
Ridgeview High School Holstein, IA October 29th 10:30 AM Morgan
River Valley High School Correctionville, IA October 28th 9:30 AM Morgan
Riverside High School Oakland, IA October 13th 1:00 PM Morgan
Rock Valley High School Rock Valley, IA November 9th 11:30 AM Lisa
Roosevelt High School Des Moines, IA October 5th 9:00 AM Brandon

Saint Mary Catholic-Storm Lake Storm Lake, IA November 23rd 11:30 AM Lisa
Saint Marys High School Remsen, IA October 6th 11:00 AM Morgan
Sergeant Bluff High School Sergeant Bluff, IA September 23rd 1:00 PM Morgan
Sheldon High School Sheldon, IA September 29th 11:15 AM Lisa
Sibley-Ocheyedan High School Sibley, IA November 10th 3:00 PM Lisa
Sioux Center High School Sioux Center, IA October 22nd 9:00 AM Lisa
Sioux Central High School Sioux Rapids, IA November 11th 1:00 PM Lisa
Sloan High School Sloan, IA September 24th 1:00 PM Morgan
SMSU College Fair Marshall, MN October 26th 9:00 AM Morgan
South Central Calhoun High School Lake City, IA October 15th 2:00 PM Morgan
South O'Brien High School Paullina, IA November 9th 2:00 PM Lisa
South Tama County High School Tama, IA October 5th 1:00 PM Brandon
South Winneshiek High School Calmar, IA October 7th 12:30 PM Brandon
Southeast Polk High School Pleasant Hills, IA October 5th 10:30 AM Brandon
Spencer High School Spencer, IA November 11th 10:30 AM Lisa
Spirit Lake High School Spirit Lake, IA November 12th 9:45 AM Lisa
Storm Lake High School  Storm Lake, IA November 23rd 10:30 AM Lisa

Trinity Christian High School Hull, IA November 9th 8:35 AM Lisa

UNI College Fair Cedar Falls, IA September 15th 9:00 AM Morgan
Union High School La Porte City, IA November 5th 9:30 AM Brandon
Unity Christian High School Orange City, IA October 22nd 2:00 PM Lisa
University of Dubuque College Fair Dubuque, IA September 16th 6:00 AM Morgan
University of South Dakota College Fair Vermillion, SD October 5th 10:00 AM Morgan
Upper Iowa University College Fair Fayette, IA September 14th 9:00 AM Morgan

Vinton-Shellsburg High School Vinton, IA September 16th 12:45 PM Morgan

Wapello Jr/Sr High School Wapello, IA October 29th 12:30 AM Brandon
Wapsie Valley High School Fairbank, IA September 15th 1:00 AM Morgan
Washington High School   Cherokee, IA October 8th 1:00 PM Morgan
Washington High School College Fair Sioux Falls, SD October 5th 5:30 PM Morgan
Waukon High School  Waukon, IA October 8th 10:30 AM Brandon
West Delaware High School Manchester, IA November 5tth 1:15 PM Brandon
West Hancock High School Britt, IA October 1st 9:00 AM Brandon
West High School Sioux City, IA September 23rd 2:00 PM Morgan
West Lyon High School Inwood, IA November 10th 11:30 AM Lisa
West Marshall High School State Center, IA October 27th 8:30 AM Brandon
West Sioux High School Hawarden, IA October 22nd 12:30 PM Lisa
Western Christian High School Hull, IA September 29th 2:00 PM Lisa
Western Dubuque High School Epworth, IA November 3rd 9:00 AM Brandon
Westside AR-WE-VA High School Westside, IA November 30th 1:00 PM Morgan
Whiting High School Whiting, IA December 1st 11:00 AM Morgan
William Penn University College Fair Oskaloosa, IA October 28th 9:00 AM Brandon
Woodbine High School Woodbine, IA November 30th 11:00 AM Morgan
Woodbury Central High School Moville, IA September 23rd 11:05 AM Morgan
Worthington High School Worthington, MN October 1st 9:00 AM Morgan