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Developmental Course Work

To assist students in their college career, NCC offers developmental courses. The courses are designed to strengthen student skills if they have academic weaknesses or have been out of school for a period of time. Students are encouraged to enroll in developmental courses before beginning their college coursework. NCC may recommend/require developmental courses for specific programs/courses based on the student's past academic records.

Credit from developmental courses is not transferable, does not count toward the student's grade point average and does not meet graduation credit requirements for diploma or degree programs. The current per credit tuition and fees apply to developmental courses. These courses can be included in the calculation of the student's course load and may be used if the student is seeking financial aid eligibility.

Most developmental courses are offered on an individual basis in a self-paced, open-entry format through the Learning Center. With sufficient enrollment, developmental courses may be offered in a scheduled classroom setting.

Some of the courses include:
  • Math
    • Arithmetic for College Students A 
    • Arithmetic for College Students B 
    • Algebra I A 
    • Algebra I B 
    • Algebra II A 
    • Algebra II B 
  • Communications
    • English 2200
    • English 2600
    • English 3200
    • English Brush up
    • Basic Composition
  • Science
    • Biology A
    • Biology B

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