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Are you "Text Savvy?" Most likely, your teenagers are. Text messaging is a popular way of communicating when using cell phones or online. Different groups use different abbreviations for phrases and words.  Texting is especially popular with teenagers and young adults. To understand what is being communicated, here is a sample of some text abbreviations.  For example, BTW is a text message abbreviation for "by the way."

ASAP-As soon as possible IMO-In my opinion NVM-Never mind
BF-Boyfriend JIC-Just in case OJ-Only joking
BRB-Be right back JK-Just kidding OO-Over and out
EMA-Email address K-OK PLMK-Please let me know
G2G-Got to go KIT-Keep in touch PPL-People
GB-Good bye LOL-Laughing out loud RYS-Are you serious?
H&K-Hugs & Kisses LVM-Left a voice mail SLAP-Sounds like a plan
HAGO-Have a good one MSG-Message SPST-Same place, same time
HAND-Have a nice day NALOPKT-Not a lot of people know that TMB-Text me back
HOAS-Hold on a second NOYB-None of your business TTYL-Talk to you later

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