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December 18
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December 19
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December 24
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December 25
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New Student Orientation Dates - 2015
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January 16 • January 30 • February 13 • February 27
One of the best ways to figure out if a college is for you is to schedule a campus visit. Believe us when we say this—we have years of experience helping students figure out what to do for the next step in their educational journey. We see it over and over again—students figure out where they “fit” when they come to campus and see it for themselves. All the brochures, TV commercials, Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages are great preliminary research (and great to follow before and after you make your decision), but there is something almost magical that happens when a student has a campus visit.
Agenda - 9:00am to Noon
• Campus Tour
• Meet with Faculty
• Meet with NCC Students
• Meet with Admissions
• Lunch (optional)
• The placement assessment, COMPASS, is available in the afternoon.
Fall Commencement
Thursday, December 18. For more information Click Here.

Parent Tip #3: Start building a resume for your student during his/her freshman year of high school. Note leadership positions, community service, academic honors/awards and involvement, memberships, hobbies and work experiences. Also include dates, hours involved and grades at the time of involvement. This will help you fill out applications later!
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