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University of Iowa 2 Plus 2 Transfer Option

Award: Bachelor’s Degree for transfer students
2 Years at NCC and 2 Years at the University of Iowa

The 2 Plus 2 Graduation Guarantee Plan is for forward thinking NCC students who plan to transfer to the University of Iowa. This program is similar to the University of Iowa’s four year graduation plan for incoming first year students.

You can save time and money while staying close to home for your first two years of college before transferring as a junior to UI. Students sign up to be in the program. You must meet graduation checkpoints for select majors during your first two years at NCC and during your final two years at the UI. The university will track, communicate, and advise you each semester.

How do I enroll?
• Complete a 2 Plus 2 Agreement ( before having earned more than 30 semester hours of credit.
• Send the University of Iowa Office of Admissions, 107 Calvin Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242 an official high school transcript.

What happens after I sign up?
• 2 Plus 2 students will be coded and tracked in the UI student information system.
You will be provided a hawk-id and password, and a degree evaluation that is updated each semester.
• The UI will send you a welcome letter telling you to send the UI a high school transcript.
• The UI will contact the community college to verify your enrollment each semester. Students enrolled in the plan will be required to authorize, as a condition of the program, NCC to send transcripts to the UI upon university request each semester. Transcripts will be used for academic purposes and to verify progress on the 2 Plus 2 Plan.
• The UI will inform you how to access privileges.
• The UI will call you each semester to advise you regarding class schedule, checkpoints, etc.

What’s unique about this program?
Upon successful completion of all of your classes, graduation is GUARANTEED after two years at NCC and two years at the University of Iowa.

What are the perks?

• Access to 2 Plus 2 advisors.
• Access to an updated degree evaluation on the UI Admissions web portal (Admission Profile).
• Access to early orientation/registration.
• UI email address.
• University ID.
• Access to the UI Libraries (
• Access to the Pomerantz Career Center including internship
information, career exploration & guidance
• Student discounts to university athletic & cultural events:
Athletics ( Arts
• Guaranteed graduation in 4 years.
• 2 Plus 2 students with the highest transfer grade-point averages
will be automatically considered for the new 2 Plus
2 Transfer Scholarship worth $1,000 each. The award is renewable
for one year.

2 Plus 2 Guarantee Graduation Plan Available Majors for
Northwest Iowa Community College

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences BA programs

• American Studies
• Anthropology
• Communication Studies
• Economics
• English
• History
• Philosophy
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sociology

Tippie College of Business BBA programs
• Accounting
• Economics
• Finance
• Management
• Management Information Systems
• Marketing

You do the math... NCC is smart
Save up to $20,000 by attending NCC your first two years before transferring to complete your bachelor’s degree! (according to the Iowa College student Aid Commission Survey of Colleges and Universities)

Student Profile
• A student who desires to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree following graduation from NCC

Text 712-301-2573 or 712-301-1401
Call 800-352-4907

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at