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Series: CDL Testing: Pre-Trip, Skills, Road

NCC offers DOT certified third party testing for individuals seeking to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (Class A CDL) using their own vehicle. There are 3 required tests that must be taken in the following order: Pre-Trip Test, Skills Test and Road Test.

Prior to testing the participant must take the required computer based tests and obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). This must be completed at least 14 days before the testing. The cost for the 3 tests will be $300. If you fail any test you will need to re-register & pay again for the failed test as well as any of the tests you have not yet taken. For example, if you pass the Pre-Trip Test, but fail the Skills Test, you will need to start back at the Skills Test, but will not need to retake the Pre-Trip Test. No refunds will be issued for any failed or untaken tests due to failing a test. All tests must be taken in required testing order. Each individual test can also be scheduled & taken separately at $100 per test. This would require scheduling 3 different days. There is a minimum 2 day wait between registration date & test date.

You will need to provide your own vehicle & proof of insurance. Upon successfully passing all 3 CDL tests you may obtain your CDL at any driver’s license issuance location.

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