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School Bus Driver Annual Training

Every school bus driver finds themselves with a range of job duties to perform. But the simple job of being a school bus driver is the major responsibility. The bus driver is responsible for all aspects of their job, including the vehicle, the route, and most importantly, the safety of the children on board the school bus. Whether it’s loading and unloading the school bus, personal conduct, or just driving the bus down the road, a school bus driver must be ready for every challenge and be responsible for every action. The annual school bus driver training class this year will cover all these aspects and more, helping every school bus driver to understand their role in transporting students in the safest way possible. This training will give Iowa school bus drivers the proper steps to follow to help keep their bus safe, themselves safe, and most importantly, the kids on their buses safe.
Instructor: Ray Roseland

Course #56869

W   11/8  6:30–9:30p   C328   $30

Course #56871

W   3/21   6:30–9:30p   C328   $30

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