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Welder Qualification
This is for experienced welders who want to be qualified under one or more of the AWS, API, or ASME codes. This is not a structured class, but an opportunity to practice in our welding lab and work one-on-one with an AWS certified instructor prior to the qualification test. (The test will determine your ability to deposit sound welds in accordance with the standardized requirements). Practice and test duration is based on the skill level of the participant.

The fee for up to 3 hours of guided practice and one qualification attempt is $245. Additional practice time, multiple tests, retests, and on-site training using your equipment are also available. 


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Learning for a Lifetime
We offer hundreds of classes each year, including healthcare, general interest, computers, trade & industry, emergency services, business and more! Please check out our offerings. 

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GAP and PACE Tuition Assistance Programs

GAP Tuition Assistance Program
Since non-credit programs are not eligible for federal aid, the GAP Tuition Assistance Program bridges the funding gap for those students pursuing short-term certificates. Full tuition assistance is available to qualifying students through the Continuing Education GAP Tuition Assistance Program.

The following Continuing Education courses have been approved for GAP Tuition Assistance: 
    • Certified Nurse Aide  
    • Medication Aide  
    • Emergency Medical Technician  
    • 30 Hour Welding  
    • Computer Skills for the Workplace 
    • Wire (MIG) Welding-49 Hour 
    • 80 Hour CDL Driver Prep Program

If your total household annual income falls below 250% of the 2014 Poverty Guidelines, you may be eligible for assistance. 250%—2014 Poverty Guidelines Effective January 22, 2014 Family Size Poverty Guidelines:
Family Size     Poverty Guidelines
1                         $29,175
2                         $39,325
3                         $49,475
4                         $59,625
5                         $69,775
6                         $79,925
7                         $90,075
8                         $100,225

* For each additional family member add $10,150

PACE Tuition Assistance Program
Continue your Journey to a better paying career with PACE Funding (Pathways for Academic Career & Employment). PACE funding can support both non-credit/continuing professional education programs and credit programs at NCC in the areas of: 
    • Healthcare 
    • Information Technology 
    • Advanced Manufacturing 
    • Transportation & Logistics

PACE participants are generally non-traditional students who are supporting/cosupporting themselves & their family and meet one of the eligibility requirements: 
    • Low skilled 
    • Earning total household income at 250% or below current federal poverty levels (See 2014 Poverty Guidelines above) 
    • Unemployed 
    • Underemployed 
    • Dislocated workers

Note: PACE funding is meant to supplement, not replace, current forms of financial aid you may be eligible to receive. You will be required to complete & file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

GAP/PACE Application Process
To determine if you qualify for GAP or PACE, you will need to do the following:
1. Complete the initial eligibility form:
    • GAP/PACE Initial Screening Form
2. If you pass initial eligibility assessment, complete the eligibility verification form:
    •GAP/PACE Eligilbility Verification Form
3. Meet one-on-one with the Career Pathway Navigator to verify eligibility by providing required documentation and to chart your educational pathway.

    • Career Pathway Navigator 
    • Call 712-324-5066 or 800-352-4907