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January 20 - March 26
Computer Skills for the Workplace Certificate-(LEVEL 1)
January 20 - April 17
Computer Skills for the Workplace Certificate-(LEVEL 1) and (LEVEL 2)  read more >>
January 29 - February 5
Introduction to Windows 8.1 and the Internet (LEVEL 1) read more >>
January 30
Introduction to Windows 8.1 and the Internet (LEVEL 1) read more >>
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Crane Operator Training
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The EMT course has been developed to prepare individuals to provide quality prehospital emergency care. This course is the minimum standard to be a primary attendant on a transport ambulance service. This course will cover the NEW 2011 EMT Scope of Practice changes. The class will begin meeting on Monday nights until December. The classes will then begin meeting twice a week on Monday & Thursdays until completion in April.

Modules presented include: Preparation of the EMT; Airway Management; Patient Assessment; Medical/Behavioral Emergencies; OB/GYN; Trauma; Infants and Children; Ambulance Operations, and additional skills. Clinical time at an emergency room is required in addition to the classroom hours. College credit is available. Minimum class size of 12 is required.

Prerequisites: Must be 17 years old at the start of class, be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English, and physically capable of performing basic EMT skills. The student must bring a credit or debit card the first night for completion of the on-line background check. Begins Monday, September 19, 2011. Marcus & Lester class participants will meet at NCC the first session, Sept. 19. *Marcus Fire Department. **Lester Community Center. Instructor: Brian Hellenga.
Sec. # Day Date Time Loc. Fee
24630 M 9/19 7–10p 513H $750
27198 M 9/19 7-10p MFD* $750
27119 M 9/19 7-10p LCC** $750