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Staff Directory

Jason Anderson
Director - Economic Development and Workforce Training
(712) 324-5066 x194
MA, Minnesota State University—Mankato
Jason Anderson is the Director of Economic Development & Workforce Training at Northwest Iowa Community College. He is a graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University (BA) (Marshall, MN), where he completed a dual major in Public Administration and Political Science. He is presently working toward a Masters in Urban & Regional Studies from Minnesota State University (Mankato, MN). He has facilitated development and leadership related programs for Northwest Iowa Community College, where he: provides assistance in the development and coordination of the new and existing Jobs Training Programs (260E and F programs) for Area IV (Northwest Iowa); provides guidance to individual manufacturing, processing and professional service firms to assist in identifying training and development needs; aids in the development of training and development plans; monitors the implementation of training and development plans for individuals and programs; develops and facilitates workshops on leadership, facilitation, human relations, communication and other "soft skill" areas; and provides consultation to company leadership and management as well as individual contributors.