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Wednesday May 14, 2014 - - 20 30 hour Basic Wastewater Treatment
Building C, Room 304
The objective is to provide operators and managers with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgment essential to safely operate and maintain their facilities as well as manage their facilities using appropriate financial strategies. This entry-level course provides a solid foundation and builds on knowledge about wastewater sources and characteristics, math, hydraulics, lift stations, flow measurement, preliminary treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, digestion, solids handling and disposal, sampling and laboratory, safety, administration, laws and regulations. This course, along with six months experience will satisfy the eligibility requirement for the Iowa DNR Wastewater Treatment Grade I. This course is also a good review for anyone planning to take the Wastewater Treatment Grade II exam. Hands on application of math using real data is a new feature of this course. Textbooks include: California State University at Sacramento Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volumes 1 and 2. BRING A GOOD CALCULATOR, YOUR NPDES PERMIT, A RECENT MONTHLY OPERATING REPORT and a desire to work hard! Lunch: On your own Credit: 3.0 CEUs for WW
If you are preparing for a state exam note that this is the only course that provides you with BOTH CSUS textbooks!
4 Session(s). Instructor: Mark Simms.
Phone: 712-324-5601 or 800-352-4907 x233
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