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Tuesday March 25, 2014 - Green Supplement to the Uniform Plumbing Code
Building C, Room 304
This course will use IAPMO Green Plumbing Code Supplement as its focus. You will make your way through this seemingly unknown Plumbing code supplement and highlight many of the elements that could effect a Plumbing license holder often throughout the year. This will then tie back into the Uniform Plumbing code nicely and point out a few of the pronounced differences that could relate to additional money spent or saved depending if you are in a jurisdiction that forces you to follow the "Green Supplement" Guidelines. 1 Session(s). 2 CEHs Plumbing Code Instructor: Jack Cooper.
Fee: $75

TO REGISTER FOR THESE CLASSES: Please call Cory Paeper at Johnstone Supply 515-333-1293 or by email: